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There are several ways to get your files on the web. File transfer protocol can be implemented as a software being installed in your system or as a web-based application.

Net2FTP is an example of a web-based FTP client. It is free and easy to use. These are some features available to user:

  • FTP server navigation. User have to log in to be able to browse files from different directories.
  • Upload files. The user have three options to upload file:
    1. upload via the standard form
    2. upload using the upload-and-unzip functionality
    3. upload through Java applet
    4. Zip and unzip files. Net2FTP supports .zip, .tar, .gz and .tgz formats.
    5. File manipulation. The user can move, delete and copy files from directories to another directories or from one FTP server to another FTP server.