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Core FTP Lite

Image Source: help.allegheny.edu

Core FTP Lite is a high end FTP client. It is proud of its wide, uncluttered layout that keeps things organized, spic and span. It is extremely easy to use and lacking only the multi-site connection feature. You must have the Core FTP client. It offers as its major functions features such as Site Manager, it is responsible for maintaining connection information. Quick Reconnect and mode switching. They have big buttons on the toolbar. When you’re connected to a particular site, the file management pane also copies buttons for the most parts of these functions. It will help you by not having to point the mouse very far to use a certain tool that you need. The Core FTP client supports all the important FTP functions which includes multiple transfers, securing protocols, it configures ASCII upload for specific file types. It also has browser integration. While the cons are it has no Scheduler, it still has stability issues. Thats just about it.