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Developer Tools


If you need to implement file transfer capability and you are a software developer, you will need to search for the components to do the job. You have built-in support for FTPS in a .NET Framework. However, functionality of this class does not include any support for SFTP or SSH.

In VCL, you will have a selection of free libraries and components which provide FTP functionality. You can get FTPS for free when you add OpenSSL to them. You can use one of the commercially available libraries for FTPS and SSL support if you do not want to deal with OpenSSL DLLs.

About online fraud

Online auctions offer just about every product imaginable. Although there are legitimate sellers, there is a danger that products may be misrepresented or not delivered. The Internet Crime Complaint Center shares the tell-tale signs of potential online auction fraud to Internet users.

Beware of a seller posing as a United States resident who then sends an email saying that he is overseas or asks for money under a different name. The fund requests are usually through Western Union, MoneyGram or wire transfers, and therefore cannot be recovered.

On the seller side, be wary of buyers who request for shipping to another country through ways that avoid customs or duties, and for credit card purchases where the cardholder’s address is not the shipping address. The authorization of the cardholder should always be obtained first.

FTP Upload for Mobile Podcaster

Mobile Podcaster, product of New Site Media Group is now available in the Apple iTunes store. This new addition to Apple is great for people who are always on the go but continuously stays connected with people online. Mobile podcaster features the ability to attach photos and upload recordings to podcast episodes through the use of FTP. (File Transfer Protocol) This also allows people to make a new episode on your personal WordPress website, which makes things now very easy!

Mobile Podcast developer Steinar Knutsen said “We are constantly updating our apps to provide the most advanced set of tools available to folks who wish to podcast from their iPhone or iPad. The feedback we have received from our customers has been phenomenal and we take their suggestions for additional features seriously.” This is probably why the added features are impressive. Among the many are:

- FTP Upload

- Ability to email podcast episode with image attachment

- Advanced headphone & microphone recording

- Playback support ready

More on FTP – How it Works

FTPThough FTP is a straightforward facility to transfer files through the internet easily, without much fuss it is dependent on several factors that makes the process possible. First, you need a client software that can be installed for uploading and downloading, allowing your desktop to take on the same plane as the server that is handling the file distribution. The said “SERVER” may be a simple desktop too but is the so-called traffic light which tells clients, where the files are coming from and who the packets of data are for. Read the rest of this entry »

Sending Large Files

There are many ways to transfer files for free, even if it’s a large file! You just need to know how to do it correctly. If you are wanting to transfer files from your computer to the internet and you want to do it all in the same time, what you need to do is gather each file necessary in a folder. Once it is in a folder, compress it. If you are using Windows, right click on the file and choose “Send to”, then choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”  These files can be images, documents, videos, etc.

Compressing these files will make it easier to send. If it is not compressed, you will have to put files one by one. From there, you can send it online then it will be called a File Transfer Protocol or FTP. This is when you can transfer files from one host to another through the internet.


Mochasoft FTP For WinMo Is Now Freeware

Searching for a FTP program? While there are truly thousands of programs available, let me make your search a little easier.  Try out Mocha FTP right now. That’s right, The Mocha soft has now made their Mocha FTP Server freeware for everyone to enjoy.

This program supports standard FTP commands. So basically everything you would ever need for your FTP program, it’s there. Moreso, Mocha Server gives a very easy way to copy files to/from a PDA running Windows Mobile or Pocket PC 200x it very much supports the standard File Transfer Protocol features found in the most web browsers and FTP client applications.

Hardened Anti-Piracy Laws – To Have Longer Teeth

ftpThe problem with piracy(not on the seas) has been so much for some companies that much of their profits from legal sales are lost which has prompted many governments around the world to enact laws with severe penalties to those proven to have participation in such cases. From music, video, e-books and everything else in between all have been preyed upon by pirates who share them uncontrollably, mostly through the many FTP servers all over the globe.
Read the rest of this entry »

Accessing FTP


One of the methods to access an FTP site is to place a directory of files in one’s computer and allow his clients to access them by implementing the use of certain User IDs and passwords. Internet browsers have built-in FTP clients, which they use to download data. In performing this function, you would just have to come into the FTP address in the browser. FTP may use a DNS (Domain Naming Service) to control unidentified access to the database.

You just enter your FTP address into the IE address field just like a regular website address. Just make sure that you enter ftp:// as a prefix into the address so that you will not be connected to a website.

FTP History (Part 1)


FTP protocol or file transfer over the network took root in 1980. This is when the first RFC for FTP protocol was ever published. The functions of FTP include uploading, downloading and deleting files, creating and deleting directories, and reading directory contents. FTP has certain disadvantages which makes it harder to use although it is very popular. Major drawbacks would be the lack of uniform format for directory listing – though not supported by some servers; this problem was partially solved by introducing MLST command. Another disadvantage would be the presence of secondary connection (DATA connection). FTPS is the secured version of FTP.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) vs. FTPS (FTP over SSL) Part 2


X.509 certificates include certain information about the certificate owner and the public key. This information will allow the other side to verify the authenticity of the certificate owner and the integrity of the certificate itself. The verification can be done by humans, with the help of a computer. X.509 certificate has a private key, which is normally stored separately from the certificate for security reasons.

Since the associated key is stored separately, the SSH key contains a public key only. It does not contain any information about the key owner. Neither does it contain information that will let one reliably validate the authenticity and integrity.