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All You Need to Know About FTP’s

FTP Site?

post2.jpgImagine a very large traditional filing cabinet as large as a room filing cabinet that is what an FTP site is like. In a filing cabinet, the clerk can label and organize files depending on how he wants it or the system he implements. He also dictates which files can be accessed freely and which files are off limits and available only to a chosen few.

In an FTP site, a UserID and Password is the key that opens this giant filing cabinet. The creator of the site has the power who to grant access to what information. Some sites have open access to everyone with a valid UserID and Password. For open sites, the UserID is “anonymous” and the Password would be your e-mail address. However, for restricted sites, there is an assigned UserID and Password unique to every qualified user.

Source: ftpplanet.com

Uploading Files with the use of FTP Client Software

Using FTP Client Software, you can upload your website files the fastest way. First, acquire a specific software. This is called FTP tool. A highly recommended FTP tool or FTP Client is the SmartFTP which is best used for Windows. It is just a small FTP Client but very quick. You may check the internet to select versions and additions.

When you have downloaded your FTP Client and once activated in your hard drive, you should provide in the address field your domain name, or you may use the IP address of your server. This can be found in the Customer area. Your username and your password which you also use when logging into your cPanel are the ones that you will also need to type.

The Rumba FTP

If you’re looking for a graphical FTP client, you may consider the Rumba FTP. This kind of FTP Client features the combination of easy to use interface and file transfer security. Because of its Windows Explorer look and feel at the same time supporting the SSL based and SSH (Secure Shell) FTP, this brand of FTP Client provides a combination of superb security and usability. Rumba FTP features the following:
• Displays local and remote views
• Supports drag and drop of files
• Encrypts logins and passwords
• Connects to various kinds of FTP servers
• Opens multiple remote sessions

FTP Unveiling


A software standard that is used to send files to a web browser is called an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We can use this protocol when we are uploading sites on a server – allowing the movement of files between computers. In other words, it will help to upload files coming from a computer to a web server, and then recovering from the web server to another computer.

Another use for FTP is to transfer files between computers with users on a larger intranet. This is especially useful for files that are bigger for an e-mail attachment. Once you have unveiled FTP in its truest sense, you will come to know how it will support you in managing your site.

Defining FTP

post1.jpgFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an Internet standard where files are exchanged between two computers connected to the Internet. FTP is an Internet application that utilizes the Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocols in moving the files between the sender and the receiver.

Common usage of the FTP is transferring a web page created by the developer to the computer which acts as the network server. The network server in turn displays the web page on the computer of the user that accessed it. This is basically how files move within the World Wide Web. There are many commercial FTP programs on the Internet that you can buy or you can also search for free FTP programs.

Source: searchnetworking.techtarget.com

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) vs. FTPS (FTP over SSL) Part 3


In choosing the right FTP, the answer would depend on your goals and requirements. Generally speaking, SFTP is superior to FTPS. It would be a good idea to implement both protocols; however, they are different in terms of their concepts and supported commands.

If you have a server that have FTP support but does not have SFTP/SSH clients or it needs to be accessed from personal devices such as PDAs, smartphones, etc), it is a good idea to use FTPS. However, if you are building a custom security solution, the better option is SFTP. As for the side of the clients, the requirements depend on the server that you plan to connect to.

P4P Aims to Speed Peer-to-Peer File Transfers, Reduce Traffic

The New York Times wrote a story last week about an alarm about the amount of data flowing through the Internet. It has been observed that the bandwidth is taking a major hit these days… there’s just too much data being passed to and fro.  While the story focused on the video such as YouTube, it’s also true that the P2P traffic – much as ISPs may hate to admit it – makes up a very significant percentage of network traffic.

The P4P protocol aims to reduce all the traffic by using network topology data to select peers intelligently, instead of a random, thus increasingly routing efficiency. It is obvious: the more routers or hops traffic has to take, the less efficient it becomes.


post5.JPGOne very popular type of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program is FileZilla Client which is a very reliable and fast program. It is a cross-platform FTPS, FTP and SFTP client with many functional features and user friendly interface.

Some of the features that can be seen on FileZilla are: ease of use, support for various file transfer protocols, runs on different operating systems, supports different languages, resume and transfer capability, drag and drop feature, speed limits can be configured, filtering of filenames and a wizard to configure your network. This is probably one of the most flexible and preferred FTP clients available in the market today.

Source: sidesearch.lycos.com

FTP 101

FTPまたはファイル転送プロトコルは今日、インターネット上におけるシンプルで安全なファイル交換の方法です。意識していないかもしれませんが、私達はFTPを常に使っています。 私達の好きなMP3をダウンロードしたときなどです。オンラインゲームはFTPにかなり依存しています。その他のイベント、オークションやオンライン・トレーディングなどもFTPを使い、処理されます。


FTP クライアントとは何でしょう。
FTP クライアントとは、インターネット上でファイルを二つのコンピューター間で移動するようにプログラムされたソフトウェアです。 これはあなたのコンピューターにインストールされ、インターネット接続のみで使用されます。

これらのアプリケーションのため、ファイル転送はドラグしてドロップするだけと非常に簡単になりました。 私達は重要な書類を即座に送付し、受け取ることが出来ます。


Developer Tools


If you need to implement file transfer capability and you are a software developer, you will need to search for the components to do the job. You have built-in support for FTPS in a .NET Framework. However, functionality of this class does not include any support for SFTP or SSH.

In VCL, you will have a selection of free libraries and components which provide FTP functionality. You can get FTPS for free when you add OpenSSL to them. You can use one of the commercially available libraries for FTPS and SSL support if you do not want to deal with OpenSSL DLLs.