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All You Need to Know About FTP’s

The Client/Server Relationship

Though FTP is a straightforward facility to transfer files through the internet easily, without much fuss it is dependent on several factors that makes the process possible. First, you need a client software that can be installed for uploading and downloading, allowing your desktop to take on the same plane as the server that is handling the file distribution. The said “SERVER” may be a simple desktop too but is the so-called traffic light which tells clients, where the files are coming from and who the packets of data are for.
The server needs a server-side software that allows it to understand the file requests made by the clients and also allows them to understand each other, making the whole thing transparent. As said, the server can be a simple desktop that isn’t even running a GUI interface system but can be a bare bone system running software that allows everything to happen. Some systems like the much famed Pirate Bay even ran on mobile computers, allowing them to elude authorities who were after them all these years.

What the FTP?

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An FTP sites is just like the other servers. Its main purpose is to serve the FTP users. It lets the user to decide about which files to keep lock and which should not be locked and can be viewed by the public. When you are connected to the FTP sites you are allowed to do anonymous logins. You are not asked for any user name or passwords. Hence when you are about to download something from the internet, you do not have to know it. To get connected to the FTP you need to use the standard web browsers or dedicated FTP software.

FTP client is software that is designed to transfer files between computers over the internet. It needs installation if you want to use it and can only be connected if you are online. The FTP connection has helped in the different sectors where numerous people are working. Because or this protocol, downloading of almost anything has become so easy and fast. There are numerous sites where you will be provided with free downloading of the protocol. If you want to be an advance user, download it and install it to your personal computer.

Net2FTP (Part II)


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Some features available to Net2FTP administrators are the following:

  • MySQL database. This feature is optional but is useful in logging and for setting daily transfer limits.
  • Authorizations. This will allow the users to connect to FTP servers.
  • Logging. With this feature, the administrator can activate and/or deactivate three logging types:
    1. logins
    2. errors
    3. page requests
  • Daily limit. The administrator can set each user’s limit of daily consumption to restrict file transfer volume and execution of script. Once the limit is reached, a user can still browse directories but will not be able to perform any file transfer.
  • Large file limit. Large files can not be downloaded or uploaded but can be renamed or deleted.
  • Integration with PHP applications. Net2FTP can be integrated easily to other applications that are developed using PHP.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) vs. FTPS (FTP over SSL) Part 3


In choosing the right FTP, the answer would depend on your goals and requirements. Generally speaking, SFTP is superior to FTPS. It would be a good idea to implement both protocols; however, they are different in terms of their concepts and supported commands.

If you have a server that have FTP support but does not have SFTP/SSH clients or it needs to be accessed from personal devices such as PDAs, smartphones, etc), it is a good idea to use FTPS. However, if you are building a custom security solution, the better option is SFTP. As for the side of the clients, the requirements depend on the server that you plan to connect to.

Comcast to BitTorrent: Let’s Be Friends

Comcast and Bit Torrent Inc. have announced that they’ll work together to ensure the popular file-sharing format that would work more smoothly over Comcast’s network. This is great news and will surely make a lot of bottlenecks easier to work with.  The cable company has been embroiled in a public controversy over its policy of throttling Bit Torrent files even by the means of shaping its network traffic.

According to The Wall Street Journal, The Comcast will switch from hamstringing to a certain file formats just to slow the traffic for those users who consume the most bandwidth. CEO Doug Walker told us earlier this month that he wanted to be partners with Comcast (Tony Werner).

FTP clients comparison

There are a lot of existing FTP client, may they be software, freeware or web-based applications. Each one of them has their own way of saying that their product is better than others are. Of course, that is marketing. But Wikipedia has an entry about FTP client comparison. You might want to take a quick look at it of you are planning to have purchase or to acquire an FTP client.

The article compares general information and technical assets of some popular and usual FTP clients and other clients that uses the same protocols. Although the article is not always updated, it is still a help.

FTP – The Bad Rap

FileZillaFTP is actually an easier way of transferring files of any size without the nuances and overhead needs of most websites. They come in free-client software that can run within the OS, not using resources too much and without the graphics interface of the may sites we use everyday. The file-sharing facility has gotten a bad rap with all the piracy claims and allegations but plain and simple, it is a way of sending files through the internet without the file size caps and other limitations of other facilities like email clients. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rumba FTP

If youre looking for a graphical FTP client, you may consider the Rumba FTP. This kind of FTP Client features the combination of easy to use interface and file transfer security. Because of its Windows Explorer look and feel at the same time supporting the SSL based and SSH (Secure Shell) FTP, this brand of FTP Client provides a combination of superb security and usability. Rumba FTP features the following:
Displays local and remote views
Supports drag and drop of files
Encrypts logins and passwords
Connects to various kinds of FTP servers
Opens multiple remote sessions

FTP Unveiling


A software standard that is used to send files to a web browser is called an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We can use this protocol when we are uploading sites on a server – allowing the movement of files between computers. In other words, it will help to upload files coming from a computer to a web server, and then recovering from the web server to another computer.

Another use for FTP is to transfer files between computers with users on a larger intranet. This is especially useful for files that are bigger for an e-mail attachment. Once you have unveiled FTP in its truest sense, you will come to know how it will support you in managing your site.

FTP Client

The software that is used to move files from one computer to another connected computer using the internet is called an FTP Client. It has to be installed in the computer and you can only use it when connected live to the internet. A traditional look of an FTP Client is a two-paned design. The files on your computer can be seen on the left pane while the files on the remote computer can be seen on the right pane.

Transferring of files is done easily by just dragging-and-dropping the files from the left pane to the right or vise versa. Files can also be transferred by highlighting a file and then click a direction arrow which is located between the panes.