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FTP – The Bad Rap

FileZillaFTP is actually an easier way of transferring files of any size without the nuances and overhead needs of most websites. They come in free-client software that can run within the OS, not using resources too much and without the graphics interface of the may sites we use everyday. The file-sharing facility has gotten a bad rap with all the piracy claims and allegations but plain and simple, it is a way of sending files through the internet without the file size caps and other limitations of other facilities like email clients. Read the rest of this entry »

The Rumba FTP

If you’re looking for a graphical FTP client, you may consider the Rumba FTP. This kind of FTP Client features the combination of easy to use interface and file transfer security. Because of its Windows Explorer look and feel at the same time supporting the SSL based and SSH (Secure Shell) FTP, this brand of FTP Client provides a combination of superb security and usability. Rumba FTP features the following:
• Displays local and remote views
• Supports drag and drop of files
• Encrypts logins and passwords
• Connects to various kinds of FTP servers
• Opens multiple remote sessions

FTP Unveiling


A software standard that is used to send files to a web browser is called an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We can use this protocol when we are uploading sites on a server – allowing the movement of files between computers. In other words, it will help to upload files coming from a computer to a web server, and then recovering from the web server to another computer.

Another use for FTP is to transfer files between computers with users on a larger intranet. This is especially useful for files that are bigger for an e-mail attachment. Once you have unveiled FTP in its truest sense, you will come to know how it will support you in managing your site.

FTP Client

The software that is used to move files from one computer to another connected computer using the internet is called an FTP Client. It has to be installed in the computer and you can only use it when connected live to the internet. A traditional look of an FTP Client is a two-paned design. The files on your computer can be seen on the left pane while the files on the remote computer can be seen on the right pane.

Transferring of files is done easily by just dragging-and-dropping the files from the left pane to the right or vise versa. Files can also be transferred by highlighting a file and then click a direction arrow which is located between the panes.

Google’s Secure FTP

With the news about how the government is easily spying on the people with the help of different internet browsers, Google is defending itself by saying that they do not participate in any government programs that will give access to people’s private data. This is what the company’s spokesperson has made clear, refusing to be a part of the recent controversy regarding the NSA PRISM program.

Chris Gaither told the website Wired:

“When required to comply with these requests, we deliver that information to the US government — generally through secure FTP transfers and in person. The US government does not have the ability to pull that data directly from our servers or network.”

They are the first to refute the allegations. Facebook and Yahoo has not yet clarified which system is being used to transmit court ordered data to the government. Google said that they have been asked by the Feds to participate but they have declined, refusing to lose the trust of their clients.


App to replace FTP


With the ever changing and improvement in technology, it is just inevitable that people continuously develop something that will make different computer- related processes easier. Take for example, transferring of files. The most common way to transport files from one host to another is through FTP or file transfer protocol, now however, there is a way to do the same process in a much more efficient manner which is through an app.

Webcor has been trying to develop a cutting edge way to do what an FTP is doing. It is a definite upgrade to the regular FTP. This new app allows users to store, access, manage and share files from just about any location. This breakthrough was not meant to be this big and successful. It started with 50 users and has now jumped to 200. This is not the first app that was developed to do the same, but Webcor has managed to make it work because of diligence.



Sending Large Files

There are many ways to transfer files for free, even if it’s a large file! You just need to know how to do it correctly. If you are wanting to transfer files from your computer to the internet and you want to do it all in the same time, what you need to do is gather each file necessary in a folder. Once it is in a folder, compress it. If you are using Windows, right click on the file and choose “Send to”, then choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”  These files can be images, documents, videos, etc.

Compressing these files will make it easier to send. If it is not compressed, you will have to put files one by one. From there, you can send it online then it will be called a File Transfer Protocol or FTP. This is when you can transfer files from one host to another through the internet.


Automatic FTP Upload


An application has been developed by HotHotSoftware that allows fully automatic FTP upload of multiple files at regular intervals. This is for webmasters and computer power users. This new software allows you to choose how many times you upload and when it occurs. For example, every 30 minutes or every 1 hour etc..) You can also upload or copy numerous files at once. Making it such an easy use. There would be no need for a person to be in front of the computer to do the checking. You can let it do all the work for you! Just review all the actions on the log once it’s done.

This software is available now for download for only $29.95 for a limited time. The normal price is for $49.95. There are numerous ways to purchase. It can be done through PayPal, credit card or phone and fax.

To order, you can go straight to this link - http://www.hothotsoftware.com/automatic-ftp-upload-software-to-upload-multiple-files-at-regular-intervals_software/



Does file sharing feel like a pain in the ass? Well that won’t be a case anymore now that SmartFile is around. It is a FTP-hosted solutions for businesses of all sizes. They are claiming to easily send, receive and store files online. Perfect and can be well trusted since they offer complete security and can handle large data. It is user friendly and all one has to do is to create folders where you store files and you can control who gets to access the folder. Say one office works with the use of Smarfile, the HR department  can send files to other departments like the accounting department, or marketing department and vice versa. They have a 14 day-free trial service and if you liked it, you can enroll to one of their five different pricing plans. Each plan varies according to included features and storage space. Users can pay on either a monthly or yearly basis.


FTP Upload for Mobile Podcaster

Mobile Podcaster, product of New Site Media Group is now available in the Apple iTunes store. This new addition to Apple is great for people who are always on the go but continuously stays connected with people online. Mobile podcaster features the ability to attach photos and upload recordings to podcast episodes through the use of FTP. (File Transfer Protocol) This also allows people to make a new episode on your personal WordPress website, which makes things now very easy!

Mobile Podcast developer Steinar Knutsen said “We are constantly updating our apps to provide the most advanced set of tools available to folks who wish to podcast from their iPhone or iPad. The feedback we have received from our customers has been phenomenal and we take their suggestions for additional features seriously.” This is probably why the added features are impressive. Among the many are:

- FTP Upload

- Ability to email podcast episode with image attachment

- Advanced headphone & microphone recording

- Playback support ready